Getting to know you…

I suppose I should describe myself.

I’m 30, just past the halfway mark on that in fact. When the big Three Zero came about, I said I’d start the blog as it might be a good point in time to start just unloading all the thoughts that can quickly turn from something just lingering, into festering.

But I didn’t.

I guess it’s because it has been something I’ve often thought about doing, so why would I allow myself to do it? Madness!

So I’m 30, unkempt and I look younger than I am, but not in a good way. If I try to grow facial hair, I look like puberty has just struck, and if I shave, I look like I’m just about to make my Holy Confirmation (raised Irish Catholic. Think Daredevil but without any of the bits that make Daredevil, well, Daredevil).

So I could have struck better in the gene pool lottery but, I’m not sure what I could do with such talents.

Lifewise, in a call centre, long term relationship and I’m the father of one. Somewhere in life (early 20s really) I just stopped trying and I guess the grind has worn me down. I’m skipping over this bit for now as this could really become quite bloated and I don’t want to scare anyone off just yet!

I guess the point of this (if there must be one) is as things stand, I guess I’m unhappy. I’m not alone in that regard, I understand that, believe me I do but, I dunno, I’m trying a bit harder now to be happy.

I’m recently after beating a rough battle with depression. The breaks between are fewer as I get older, so I guess my mission statement is such.

To beat that slump.

So in my wildest dreams what this place is, is a chronicle. Of one man’s attempt to rise up and improve his station in life, whether that be earning self-satisfaction or just… Something.

Something that makes me feel anything but embarrassment when I look in the mirror.

I’m hoping in the annals of history that this becomes a place of hope and inspiration for people. That they witness this skill-less manchild rise up and collect all the little pieces of himself and make a fully working adult. Hence the blog title, did ya catch that? About the adult that needs assembling. That’s the kind of clever talk we’re all about here at AAA. I’m writing for an audience with their thinking caps on!

Or at the very least, I’ll settle for helping people with their psychology papers.

Fuck, I’m a wee bit excited to see which way it goes.

Let’s see if I can figure it out.