The Mission*

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And would you look at that, I’m hitting the big time and I got the snazzy poster to show it!

So, I decided that I’m enjoying these minute moans enough that I’ll keep at it. So for the next year, this is like, a proper (not proper) site with like, I dunno, goals and stuff!

So as time goes on, I’ll figure out how to add stuff. I like to talk about (talking “at” might be more accurate) comics, movies, table-top RPGs etc but I guess I don’t want that to be what I generally discuss/ramble/rant about. So maybe a side page or so will come from somewhere. Same with like tags and stuff. Seriously, I haven’t a clue. I just sussed how to create em, but to add a tags to a post? Way beyond my skills for now, and I stress for now

But that’s the point!

I was hoping to have this up sooner but life, as it is so wont to do, gets in the way. Nothing scary or interesting enough to get into really. Just enough distractions or minor necessities showing up that I just never posted this.

Now, onto the mission…

I guess this post is more for me to look on from time to time more than anyone else. But to repeat; The idea for this blog was I’m a 30-year man child and I got the lack of skills to prove it. There’s always an excuse not to do something, isn’t there? Lord knows how many I’ve told myself.

That laziness, that drive to do jackshit has lead to a lot of pain and mental torment, and not just for me, but for those I care about.  Living with someone who stumbles into bouts of depression, anger, tiredness, numbness is a BIG ask. I’m doing well enough now but every now and then, I can feel it there. Like if I dwell on something just a wee bit too long, it’ll blow up again. So a big thing I’m aiming for is to challenge that vicious, nay-saying cunt inside me and prove him the fuck wrong.

Abit of a gamble, innit? To just listen to everything You-but-not-you calls yourself. Let the You-but-not-you (let’s just call it YiBiNY from here on) unleash every fucking bit of vile it has to give, and then call Yibiny out on it. Show It that it was wrong about you. Because, of course it is.

BUTOHSHITWHATIFITSTOTALLYRIGHTABOUTM- stop it. Just stop it. Next post, I’m gonna get into Yibiny and how I felt finally standing up to it saved my life. I really need to finish this whole mission statement dealie though before I lose the run of myself.

SO, let’s get back to it.

I want this place to be the story of the “loser” (I say that, not as a rag on myself, but as I feel it’s a generously descriptive word for what I see in the mirror) who starts winning. Who tackles his pre-conceived notions about himself, like what his limits are, and finds out he was wrong.

And I’m hoping that this place does something for you. That, even if at the end of all this, I lose or maybe just call a truce between my own personal Yibiny, you beat yours.

It’s 15 mins to Monday bitches, so lets rock this fucking week!


*I don’t think I properly explained the mission!