Sunday Salutations *

Howdy doody!


How’s yer Sunday been? Hopefully, it’s been a wee bit delightful but I’m willing to settle for it being just slightly less stressful than yer average weekday at this point.

A few things are on the agenda, I still ain’t sorted website, how it looks and or even me banner. From my side, it seems you can see the whole phrase, but having checked it out at work and elsewhere, it crops poorly and so it just looks shite. I’d like to think it adds to the “He really hasn’t a clue, has he?” vibe but I’d say it is more likely to put ya off. So I’m doing something wrong there.

Hardly a surprise, is it?

I would like to keep it to at least 3 posts per week so I’m trying to get something in here to hit the number, but fuck, I’m just tired y’know? It’s hard to think of anything to say. 

I’m having difficulty focusing this week.

And I don’t think I’m alone in that.  It feels like most people I talked to had the run of it this week. And for me, its hard to really pinpoint why. And in a way, that’s worse. Because if you can’t really lock on to what is eating at you, how can you fight it. And so it just grows. If you’re lucky, a good sleep or a book or your whatever hobbies you have will provide enough distraction that it just goes POOF, and yer all good. 

That seems to have been grown less effective as I age.

And it’s odd too as nothing I could really put a stamp on happened, I think just as the month comes to a close, I took a dose of the new year blues. Every morning I’d wake up just a bit worse. Monday? All good, keeping on. Tuesday? Eh, bit of a snag, something was beginning to chew on it. Had some days off and hung out with friends, which should have helped me recharge, instead it just left me exhausted. So now, come Friday, I felt aggressive.

Not angry or anything, but I was raw.  

And that sucks. Because once that veil is off, its hard to put back on. I like to think I’m a considered person when I interact in public. Try to make people laugh and at the very least, I hope they feel comfortable in my company. But come the end of the week, I could feel some snap in my tone. Again, not aggressive, I’m far too meek for that, but my anxiety flares up thinking my tone or body language caused someone else to think “shit, did I say something wrong?” and now I have them over-analysing themselves the way I do to myself.

Yeah, it was just that kinda week. Not much to say, not much want in me to do. But we’re in Sunday night here, technically Monday, and I feel a little better now having done this than how I was before I started, so here is to next week and all the challenges we are sure to endure.

Hope your fairing alright out there.

Talk Soon


Oh shit, I said something profound the other day. Well, I said it to be funny but man, I really think it could be one of those “LAUGH LIVE LEARN” kinda posters! If only I had thought to write it down. I have the phrasing sorta there but not quite. I’m sitting on money here, I’m telling ya!

Something like “Questions lead to Problems. Problems lead to answers. But answers lead to questions.”

I don’t think that is quite it but ya can see what I mean right? Has a nice little loop to it (I LOVE LOOPS!), so with just the right tweak, that’ll make for a great shitty tattoo!


* Monday Mournings is probably more accurate at this point