Sadsack Saturdays*

Howdy doody!

The first thing you might notice is that I finally improved the header. Now, this is me we’re talking about so using the word “improved” may be a tad ambitious, but it looks like I finally got that stuff cropped correctly so do let me know if you can see it the full text or not. Hoping ya can. Not that it’s particularly important but I think it’s a good way of getting across what I’m going for.

Secondly, I connected me Twitter! I dunno if I should do that but I feel like there is a lot of dead space here. Looking for ways to liven the place up. Thinking in the future I might share movie or book recommendations and really do a deep dive on the stuff I’m into, but still trying to figure this stuff out.

Thirdly, do do DO feel free to get in touch, just don’t be weird. I’m totally kidding… Let’s get weird.

Think this works as a good assessment of my comfiness with weird. That or any of my personalised banners.

Just wanted to say I was gonna put off on talking more on Me and the Laydees. Mostly because I think to stay in one mindset, or one narrative would totally give off the wrong impression of me. I’m so much more than that you guys.

So. Much. More.

I’m a father, I have a dead end job, I spend far too much of my income on comics AND I love buying books that I pretend I’m going to read when I know full well they will just stay at the side of my bed. I’d like to say it’s my own private library but it would be more honest to describe it as a place where good books go to die.

I think it’s time to stop pretending I can get through anything with more than 200 pages.

Weekend Update

Anyhoo, I expect to have the next part up on The Laydees sometime next week, but before that, I’m thinking I’ll have a piece on The Burden of Socialising. Snazzy title, ain’t it? The primary focus is just to keep me writing in one form or another, so trying to commit to any schedule, no matter how vague is just out of bounds for me at this time. But I’ll get there.

As usual, please stick around.

So, how’s your week been? Mine has been extraordinary! Sorry, no wait, I meant extra-ordinary.

Always get those mixed up.

Got an e-mail from a place looking to head-hunt. For a guy who has never done much, I certainly managed to fluff up the CV to make one presume I am KING-FUCKING-BUSNASS! A lady (we’re gonna call her Tara because, that’s how she signed off the email) told me about an executive business position and they were looking for people. I was immediately suspicious for two reasons.

Reason Numero Uno: They e-mailed me. I mean, we’ve been over this already but here’s a brief refresher of how I look.

My mission statement is to sear this image into your minds.

Reason Numero Dos: The e-mail ended with “reply if you are interested and I’ll give you a buzz”.

“give you a buzz”…

“A Buzz”…


It was flippant to the point of being almost dismissive, wasn’t it? I gave it a day to mull over and I must admit, curiosity got the better of me. I thought, y’know what? It could be neat to work in a place that uses such informal language, which lead to me conjuring an image in my head of non-stop pizza days and casual Fridays.

I can’t pretend I wasn’t interested. Let’s be real, they had me from the moment (I decided) they said non-stop pizza days! Also, there’s another job I’m eager about coming up in March so I figured fuck it, at the very least, this can be used as a practice interview before I go for the other place.

But I couldn’t just be smart and go “yeppers, will job. many thanks” could I? I needed to test this casual-ness and see just how easy-going these pizza-loving bastards claimed they were. Having done the usual business talk, I thought to impress them with some casual lingo of my own.

I really apprectiate the challenge and opportunity you have offered me today. Unfortunately I am at work for the remainder of the week, but with enough notice, I will be able to make myself available for any call.


I was tempted to use “laterz” but even I recognised the potential danger that Tara may be too out of touch and see it merely as a typo.

I mean, can you imagine how stupid I’d look?


Talk soon


I know the header didn’t crop properly, but I’m gonna pretend that’s on purpose and I ask that you kindly do the same. It’s a metaphor for me not being quite altogether or something. We aim for an intellectual audience here at AAR.

* This one is awfully rambly to be fair, so feel free to give it a miss.