Weekend Wind-up

Howdy doody!

This one is going to be brief as I’ve had quite the week, which made it hard to post. Or to put it better…

Hard to Focus.

I pretty much have the 3rd piece on introversion and anxiety done. My head was elsewhere this week so I wanted to do the final revision when back in the mindset. In the meantime, you can find parts 1 and 2 by clicking those links. I had an incident involving my son last Tuesday and that become the centre-point of all my thoughts. He’s fine anyways, no danger there but it conjured up old fears. Things I think any parent has.  So I started up doing a piece on that, which I was hoping to get done tonight but I got stuck.

Getting slightly worried that will become a habit so I’m doing this as a sort of warm-up or rallying call to power on through and see it done. Not only that, but a friend was going through something that hit close to home so I had to tuck my problems and issues away, and get to focusing on that. Hung out, had drinks, told him everything and anything I could think of that would help me when I needed it.

That… Got pretty heavy.

He wanted me to share my pain and while I was happy to do so, I still worry that I’m too close to the edge in that regard. That sharing, even with the intentions being pure, could pull me back in.

Anyhoo, not dead! Just thought I should let ya know! But I have a course assignment due on Wednesday so using my time for this, DND or anything but that, is making me feel anxious. So I really ought to grind that out. I want to be back sooner, but you probably won’t hear from myself properly till Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Here’s hoping all is well with you.

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If I can’t get in at least one Doctor Who gif a week, then what am I even doing this for!

Talk soon.


Watch Doom Patrol!