Warming Up

Howdy Doody!

Man, it feels good to “Howdy Doo” once more.

It has been a while, hasn’t it?

I think,

That this time,

My reason for the gap is actually one with merit!

I somehow managed to get myself a new job!

I know, right!?

This calls for a celebration!

If you saw me between August 12th and September 2nd, you would have been looking at the Operations Administrator for a company with shops and franchises located all across the Emerald Isle.

Now, assuming you’re perceptive enough (a passive perception of 12 ought to do), you’ll have noticed some subtle clues there that it was a rather brief (yet traumatising) affair. That’s because in a surprising turn of events…

I quit.

Just walked out.

And that, is something I would never have thought I’d do.

Bar kicking babies, it is perhaps as off brand as I could get.

I’ll divulge all the sordid details next time as I think its a yarn worth weaving, but this post is about trying to get back into the swing of things.

To remind myself how much I enjoy typing. That I can do this, I just need to do it.

Even this,

What a charitable person would decribe as

Spitting gibberish makes my chest,

Feel lighter.

Like I’m breathing for the first time.

With a sudden influx of free time, I’m really hoping I turn this place into the habit I so want it to be.

Before I bow out for the weekend, and in the name of honesty, let’s have a wee check in on how I’ve been doing.

Checking In

On June 24th, my diet and exercise (use this next word extremely loosely) regime began. With moving out and all that comes with it, I feared that a crash was coming, so I leapt into exercise and living a more goal-oriented life, to keep my head busy.

“Distracted” would be more honest.

As stated before, at my heaviest I was chugging around at 15 stone and 11 pounds. I focused on walking an average of 10k steps per day and with the extra hours at work, it was easy to avoid the simple traps of boredom and stress eating. In that time, I really put this place on the back burner, as I wanted to make walking, exercising and all that smelly, sweaty stuff habit.

Which has worked out rather well as with my newfound free time, I’m channelling my body, if not necessarily my mind, to keep up the good work. On August 12th, I got myself down to 14 stone and 6 pounds, which, if I’m honest with myself, is pretty fucking badass.

A stone and 5 pounds deserves a self high five, or maybe even a takeaway, or rum, or a nice bit of popcorn with chocolate, or, or, or…

Yeah, so I due to the (brief) new job, I put myself back up to 14 stone, 11 pounds.

The job is right by a tasty deli and I was both arriving, and leaving work exhausted, so I opted for fast food often. With 4 home-cooked meals at most during those 3 weeks, it is likely amazing I didn’t gain more weight.

However, we are back on track and I’m once again at the 14/6 mark!

One thing I only noticed lately is my back pain has eased up tremendously. In fact, I would report it’s non-existent except I likely tweaked something yesterday. Still, I’ll take a discomfort over a practically indefinite searing pain, any day of the week.

“What else has changed?” I hear someone ask. Hmm, I can’t think of anythi-

Oh! I’ve pooped here now.

Now, its nothing too crazy, roughly on average of maybe once per week, but I’ll get there.

Progress, is progress, as they say.

Relationship wise, things are getting better,

I think?

That one is tricky. We are certainly beginning to acclimatise to the situation and thankfully, our son has yet to have any mood swings or do anything that would seem out of sorts.

Not really surprised about that as he has never been anything but a treasure.

If all goes well, I’ll be taking him out on a boat this weekend, which I am super keen about! With the influx of money I (ever so temporarily) had, I was constantly planning things to make sure, that in his eyes, I was without question,

Le Papa Kewl.

And on that note…

Please hire me, please?


P.S I’m rooting for ya.

P.P.S During my gap from this place, I almost drown while at the seaside with my son. It was one of my poorer attempts to be “Le Papa Kewl”. Away from my laptop, but feeling the best way to calm myself would be to write about it, I put it here for your viewing pleasure. So if the thought of me almost drowning does anything for ya, then, by all means, click the link!







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