Interview Daze

Today, I'm diving right in. There's no warm-up. There will be no prelude. There will be an absolutely gorgeous piece of music though. Because today I have a question that needs answering, and I'm hoping you can help me, or at the very least, Understand. Today, I want to know, I┬áneed to know... What's the … Continue reading Interview Daze

Three Little Wins or “Hey, at least I’m trying.”

Howdy Doody! I'm back, or at the very least, I'm on the road to getting back. If you haven't heard the good news, that bastard Henri Fayol has finally, FINALLY been laid to rest. Before we go further, here's today's song. May have linked it before, but I don't think I ever swore not to … Continue reading Three Little Wins or “Hey, at least I’m trying.”

Wednesday Whingings*

Disclaimer: There is some minor DnD talk which some readers may find offensive. Being honest, this one is totally for myself. Is that really a statement that needs saying? Let's move on quickly, I doubt you want to hear me sound that out... I'm starting to feel choked. As in "on the cusp of a … Continue reading Wednesday Whingings*

Wednesday Whingings

Howdy doody! Should I be even starting these with a tailored opening or a catch-phrase? Is that hokey? I like saying howdy doody in person though so maybe I'll get away with it. Dunno about the poster at the top each time. Seems gimmicky. That, and I can't recall what site I was making my … Continue reading Wednesday Whingings