Warming Up

Where the Adult does a brief check in on himself and his progress since last posting.

An Anniversary… Of Sorts

Howdy Doody! Yesterday, no wait, we'll say today because it's more meaningful, FINE, FINE, we'll just say Yesterday marked an occasion. It was the one year anniversary of me creating this place! No song this time, but I hereby give you permission to listen to whatever it is yer currently blaring. Only, I never did … Continue reading An Anniversary… Of Sorts

Thursday Tribulations

Howdy Doo-aufaufauf-dy... Yes, I'm still sick. I think I'm done though. ThisĀ feels like the last day of it. The brain no longer feels like mush and the sweating, that eternal, viscous sweating is finally over. However, Every few minutes, maybe even hours, There will be silence in my home, Until...   My chest no longer … Continue reading Thursday Tribulations

Sadsack Saturdays*

Howdy doody! The first thing you might notice is that I finally improved the header. Now, this is me we're talking about so using the word "improved" may be a tad ambitious, but it looks like I finally got that stuff cropped correctly so do let me know if you can see it the full … Continue reading Sadsack Saturdays*

Get in loser, we’re having fun?*

Howdy Doody! I'm sitting here on a Thursday morning (soon to be afternoon) and I'm just wondering what to do with myself. It's easy to become addled, isn't it? No work today so the world (or nearby vicinity, same difference) is my oyster! Except I have some clothes to put away. Dishes to do. Should … Continue reading Get in loser, we’re having fun?*