Father of The Week!…End.

Howdy Doody! How's yer week been? You've used this opening style in the last week you jackanape! In case you missed it, there have been a few developments lately. Here's todays song! Not super clever here, but look, I'm going through stuff. Please stick around... In the last month, in almost any defining way (bar … Continue reading Father of The Week!…End.

A Parting Of Ways

I don't know the correct way to start this one. I've deleted the opening possibly a hundred times, if not more. Every sentence feels, Like a labour. Every sentence, a┬ásentence. I started digging this little hole in the internet, precisely because I knew this moment was coming. The hopes would be that by the time … Continue reading A Parting Of Ways

My Son, Autism, And Me

So last week for me was... Tough. I really do mean and intend to try post more often, or at least keep it regular enough, but this week had its fair share of challenges. I'm more doing this post so I can hopefully exorcise some mental demons. Essentially, I'm looking to defragment the auld noggin … Continue reading My Son, Autism, And Me

The Burden of Socialising: Episode II Attack of the Contradiction

Welcome back! If this is your first time here, you might want to start with the prior post. I'm not saying you should, maybe you want more of a Memento vibe from your blog excursions. But this will make more sense if ya do. Fuck, I really hope it does make more sense, otherwise, it's … Continue reading The Burden of Socialising: Episode II Attack of the Contradiction

The Burden of Socialising: Episode I

Yeesh, that title is certainly something. I was going to make it one whole thing but I figured I'd tighten it up in the hopes that it makes my manner of talking more bearable, and maybe, just maybe, palpable? But first, hold on a moment as I expel my head of other thoughts and we'll … Continue reading The Burden of Socialising: Episode I