Interview Daze

Today, I'm diving right in. There's no warm-up. There will be no prelude. There will be an absolutely gorgeous piece of music though. Because today I have a question that needs answering, and I'm hoping you can help me, or at the very least, Understand. Today, I want to know, I¬†need to know... What's the … Continue reading Interview Daze

Killing Time is a slow way to die

Howdy doody! Yes, yes, I'm still alive. I know,¬†believe me I know, I'm just as disappointed as you are. I write this, juiced to the nines on any kind of medicine I can successfully ingest while slathered in Vicks. My neck has become a potters field of Doritos, biscuits and varying meats of questionable origin. … Continue reading Killing Time is a slow way to die

Sadsack Saturdays*

Howdy doody! The first thing you might notice is that I finally improved the header. Now, this is me we're talking about so using the word "improved" may be a tad ambitious, but it looks like I finally got that stuff cropped correctly so do let me know if you can see it the full … Continue reading Sadsack Saturdays*

Seeing the “me” in ManageMEnt

Howdy Doody! So I'm going to keep (or start, to be more accurate) pushing myself and if I talk about what I'm at, maybe it will encourage me to press on? We'll see. So, I started a course about business management, the idea being I need to really start upskilling myself instead of just waiting … Continue reading Seeing the “me” in ManageMEnt